About us

Colbury House is set in a beautiful rural settings within easy reach of all local amenities, close to Junction 2 of M27 offering easy access to Portsmouth and Southampton, Bournemouth and the beautiful New Forest. Set in an elevated position overlooking Testwood Lake complex and Broadland’s Lakes fisheries. The home has extensive gardens with an abundance of visiting wildlife.

Colbury House provides ground floor and 1st floor accommodation with most rooms having en-suite facilities. A mix of single and double rooms are available. Colbury House enjoys a fusion of traditional and modern architecture. A great care has been given to protect the traditional design while paying detailed attention to the modern extensions. Plenty of sun light, fresh air and unblocked views of the green lands are popular among the residents. A large communal dining room overlooking open countryside smaller and more intimate lounge/dining areas for people who prefer intimacy. The activities team at Colbury provides an extensive range of individual and group activities indoor as well as outdoor. We make every effort to tailor activities to meet the individual hobbies and interests of residents, but also give people something new to experience should they wish to be more adventrious .

Extended & Longer Term Care

  • For older adults with long term nursing needs as a result of neurological impairment
  • Neuro-palliative and longer term care for people with moderate to late-stage Huntington’s disease.
  • Neuro-degenerative conditions
  • Care for older people with complex physical and psychological needs.
    Physically disabled and physical frailty
  • End of life Palliative Care via Supportive Care Plan & Gold standard Framework
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