Our Team

Our skilled team comprises of a balance of RGN’s, and RMN’s supported by a team of highly motivated and professional care and support staff.  In addition, People living at Colbury House can have access to Specialist Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists.  We have a dedicated team of care and support staff who work closely with residents on a daily basis to promote individual activity focussed care, which is identified through a person centre lifestyle and care planning.

We believe that best care comes from a commitment to recruiting the best people with star qualities, nurtured by a management team who have a person centred approach to supporting each member of staff and providing the highest quality training and personal / professional development.

The activity team at Colbury provide an extensive range of individual and group activities both within the home and out in the wider community.  We make every effort to tailor activities to meet the individual hobbies and interests of residents, but also give people something new to experience should they wish to be more adventurous.

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