The staff is here at Colbury to provide 24-hour support and personal care throughtout the year.  To take the edge off the everyday struggles that come with developing a condition just becomes reassuring. The nurses, carers and the support team are friendly but professional at all times. Every effort is made to get to know the residents and treat them with respect to make their time at Colbury comforting and enjoyable.

We prepare a care plan for each resident and regularly update these. With the use of modern technology we monitor daily the progress and implementation of their care needs. Qualified nurses and General Practitioner reviews these plans weekly to review medical needs.

Our general care includes Pallative care, Day care, Respite care and Independent living training.  We offer specialist care for Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Hearing Impairment and Speech Impairment.

We invite you to visit us and say hello to our team who will be pleased to show you around.

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